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Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Ingénieur pour l’Environnement - LaSIE

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Ridoret Group



Sector Sustainable buildings, Energy, Eco-industry

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The renewable energy window

Window that heats the air from outside before transferring it inside the building.

"The Renewable Energy Window" is the result of collaborative work between the Ridoret Group from La Rochelle and La Rochelle Université (LaSIE). It recovers waste and solar energy to improve its energy performance. This technical innovation is based on a plate heat exchanger where the outside air enters through the ventilation grid and is then preheated inside the window. The opposite effect occurs in the case of an air-conditioned building when the outside air is warm: the window cools the air entering the room.

After 3 years of research, 3 patents have been filed by the Ridoret group, which demonstrates a great partnership success!