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Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction - L3i


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Sainte-Croix Museum

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DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Musée 3.0

Learning while having fun

Robots are introduced into museums to help the public discover works of art through quizzes

This project was born out of an interdisciplinary collaboration whose objective is to analyse the introduction of robotics in cultural venues and to study how it is likely to change visitors' habits.

The idea is to deploy robots within a cultural venue to introduce the public to works of art in the form of a quiz. The robots provide an enriched, interactive and individualised visitor experience. This interaction is facilitated by the robot's various sensors that allow for the detection and recognition of people. The information relating to the interactions between the robot and the visitors is sent to a supervision system, which is in charge of dynamically proposing a quality scenarisation with regard to the elements observed.